PATS Auxiliary Fuel Systems

A hallmark innovation of ALOFT AeroArchitects, our PATS Auxiliary Fuel Systems is one of our heritage product lines. This industry-renowned system extends the range of popular production aircraft by up to 50%. In fact, for nearly four decades, ALOFT AeroArchitects is the only company in the world who has been continuously designing, manufacturing, installing and certifying complete & stand-alone auxiliary fuel systems for high-production narrow-body aircraft.  Fully compliant and FAA-certified across multiple aircraft platforms, our systems are now the world standard for safety and reliability. 

The ease of operation of the PATS Auxiliary Fuel Systems is based upon simplicity. In operation, the system is nearly transparent to the flight crew who need only to activate the system prior to takeoff, leaving the system to operate by backfilling the integral aircraft tanks and deactivate itself once fuel transfer is complete.

On the ground, aircraft servicing crews interact with a refueling panel that looks and operates in the same manner as the standard OEM panels, which minimizes training and eliminates ground equipment requirements.

In the aircraft, the system is designed with modular conformal tanks that maximize the use of aircraft cargo volume for the additional fuel, which means the residual space remaining for cargo is also maximized.  The system and tanks are installed to be easily adaptable to alternate configurations with minimal aircraft downtime and ease of access for maintenance.

The PATS Auxiliary Fuel Systems are operated by commercial, business, VIP, special mission, military and cargo operators in FAR Part 121, Part 135 and Part 91 operations.

Looking to go further with your B737 – look no further than the only certified B737NG Auxiliary Fuel System currently available! Our auxiliary fuel system is highly reliable and has been trusted by both corporate and commercial operators for over 20 years. Learn more about PATS Auxiliary Fuel Systems for B737NG here.