Hollingsead International Products

Our line of Hollingsead International Products offers our customers the most advanced avionics installation equipment on the market today. We design and fabricate a complete range of customized avionics extractors, avionics trays, equipment racks and electrical interface systems for many of the biggest names in the aircraft industry.

Founded in 1959, Hollingsead International has always been a leading supplier of avionics integration and mounting solutions, including our recent innovation and superior design of the Hollingsead torque limiting box extractor.  

ALOFT AeroArchitects’ Hollingsead heritage includes the development of most of what is now defined in ARINC standards for avionics tray and tray hardware design.  The Hollingsead line of Box-Mount avionics trays has thirteen patents which have become the industry standard for quality and design. 

In mid-2009, Hollingsead International’s California operations were relocated to ALOFT AeroArchitects’ facility in Georgetown, Delaware.  In a seamless transition to the fully capable ALOFT AeroArchitects’ manufacturing facility, the business has re-established itself as an industry leader in avionics racks and trays and continues to grow with a focus on offering specialty solutions to the ever-evolving avionics industry.