Aircraft Maintenance and Modifications Services

ALOFT AeroArchitects understands the complex requirements of caring for a VVIP or Head of State aircraft and the added quality of care expected during its time in scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events. While ALOFT is fully capable of performing all levels of maintenance on its approved aircraft listing, the value differentiation lies in the expert capability to care for the highly valuable, artisan interiors during the process. As the OEM choice for installing both scimitar winglets and the PATS Auxiliary Fuel System in factory new aircraft, the processes and capabilities at ALOFT are based upon the same quality expectations of factory new aircraft. A higher level or performance and expectation is ingrained in ALOFT’s way of thinking and apparent to our growing list of aircraft maintenance and modification clients. 

ALOFT AeroArchitects is an FAA Part 145 designated Repair Station (P7UR116O).  We are a Boeing Authorized Warranty Service Center, and handle Boeing warranty claim management as an appointed agent on behalf of the customer. Our comprehensive services include: 

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