ALOFT Announces Configurable, AML-STC for Installation of the ACA Air Purification System & Airline Launch Partner, Hillwood Airways

ALOFT AeroArchitects is pleased to announce that it is now offering a Supplemental Type Certification (STC) Kit, distribution and product support for the Aviation Clean Air (ACA), Air Ionization & Purification units for the worldwide aircraft fleet.  ALOFT is also pleased to announce that Hillwood Airways will become the launch Part 121 on-demand commercial AIR carrier to install the industry leading air purification solution.

Hillwood Airways, owned by Ross Perot Jr and based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, has always sought to lead the industry with its approach to unique operational solutions for its broad and demanding customer base.  According to Ched Bart, President and CEO of Hillwood Airways, “in this time of industry uncertainty caused by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we believe it is our moral and professional responsibility to take thoughtful, aggressive steps to protect our customers and our flight crews by providing an aircraft cabin air environment that meets or exceeds our high standards for cleanliness, disinfection, and overall air quality”.

The ACA air ionization technology and ALOFT STC provide a valuable and easily adaptable solution to assist the global travelling public’s return of confidence in safe and healthy commercial air travel.  The Aviation Clean Air components provide a patented ionization solution which delivers multiple benefits to the on-aircraft environment for passengers, flight crews and aircraft maintenance staff. The ionization is laboratory proven to deactivate pathogens such as viruses and bacteria while also reducing VOCs and odors.  The system is approved as an ozone-free device under ASHRE standards.    
ALOFT has created and will hold the AML-STC for the installation of the ACA Air Ionization components which will allow for the configurable use on numerous aircraft types including the B737 family, A320 family, E170/190, CRJ700/900 and FAA Part 25 aircraft as customer needs should require.  The STC approval will also support Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) of the full system and components. ALOFT will manage the worldwide customer support for the STC installation.
ALOFT has developed the installation specifically to enable configuration flexibility to account for airline and individual operator variations of the available electrical power tie-in and indicator panel locations. This configurable approach allows for ease of installation in the field and at airline preferred MROs and accommodates aircraft fleets where the detailed configuration of the same models may vary.       
Matt Hill, VP of Sales and Marketing for ALOFT, said, “ALOFT had the pleasure of installing ACA products in our VIP customer aircraft dating back to 2015.  Considering the recent global pandemic, we believed strongly in creating an easily adaptable STC solution that has no long-term operating costs and provides the flying public with a renewed level of confidence in the quality and safety of the onboard environment”.  Howard Hackney, the Managing Member for ACA says, “ALOFT has been a long-term partner that sees the value of the ACA Ionizer technology.  We selected our partnership with ALOFT to enable customers to receive a turnkey application of our technology that leaves only the installation to be considered.  We are looking forward to purifying the air for millions of airline customers and to applying our technology, in our small way, to helping prevent the future spread of pathogens and pandemics”.
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About ALOFT AeroArchitects
ALOFT AeroArchitects specializes in completions, inspections, overhaul, maintenance and auxiliary fuel systems installations for large cabin Head of State, VVIP and government aircraft. The company’s campus includes its FAA Part 145 Repair Station, STC & PMA ODA/Engineering Services and aircraft systems manufacturing. ALOFT is also a Boeing authorized BBJ Service Center. The ALOFT manufacturing team and its ODA and Engineering Services are also available to support design and certification requirements for project work on behalf of our global customers. The company holds maintenance authorizations and ratings from the FAA, EASA, U.A.E. GCAA, Bermuda DCA, and a variety of other global approvals.  
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About Aviation Clean Air
Aviation Clean Air, LLC has developed the Air and Surface Purification System for aircraft providing immediate clean, safe and healthy interior air by eliminating odors and allergens and, at the same time, provides interior surface purification throughout the entire cabin for business and commercial aviation.  The company holds Federal Aviation Administration – Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA),  U.S. Patent D868233 – Design and Utility, and our engineering and technical partner Southern Aviation Parts and Services, holds FAA Supplemental Type Certificates for FAA Project Number ST14781AT-T,  Boeing Business Jet, FAA ST04440AT Gulfstream GVI, and FAA ST04441AT Gulfstream GIV-X and GV-SP.
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About Hillwood Airways
From its base at the Fort Worth Alliance Airport, Hillwood Airways offers a superior, luxury domestic and international travel option to high-end corporate clients, sports teams, governments, entertainment, and other special interest groups using its uniquely capable Boeing 737 airliners.  The first aircraft operated by the airline, a Next-Generation Boeing 737-700C BBJ airliner, exhibits advanced performance and operational efficiency while offering three distinct interior configurations:  its ever popular 32 all-leather seat VIP, including 8 convert-to-lay-down beds; a higher-density premium economy configuration utilizing up to 87 all-leather VIP seats, and its versatile all-cargo configuration.
The Hillwood Airways BBJ all-cargo configuration which is available for carriage of cargo weighing up to 30,000 pounds loadable through the aircraft’s 7-by-11 foot side cargo door, is especially useful for clients needing to move critical, high-priority cargo.  With the addition of six ALOFT auxiliary fuel tanks, this BBJ can be flown up to 5,865 statute miles without refueling and remains one of only a limited number of such aircraft that can be operated at some of the world’s highest airports such as La Paz, Bolivia and Quito, Ecuador.
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Press Contacts:
Matthew Hill 
VP, Sales & Marketing 
ALOFT AeroArchitects
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Howard Hackney
Managing Member
Aviation Clean Air
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Scott Bohnenkamp
General Manager
Hillwood Airways
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