Rapid Integration Experts

Government and Prime Contractor Support Services

We are a team of integration and modification experts. We are enhancers of capability. Founded on the concept of enabling innovation to reach the field though integration onto existing aircraft, our products and systems are designed to enhance aircraft platforms and broaden their capabilities to deliver for the customer, and warfighter.

Let’s talk today about where we can put our decades of expertise and experience to work for you:
  • Engineer the integration of your products or systems into the fleet.
  • Find compliance and certify with our deep bench of Subject Matter Experts.
  • Design, build, kit and deliver your products to the customers.
  • Modify and maintain aircraft to the highest levels or service capability.
  • Sustain the fleet to ensure operational readiness and responsiveness.

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  • Expertise in all engineering disciplines
  • Systems Integration (Prototype and Production)
  • Rapid Product Development
  • Test Plans, Analysis & Evaluation
  • Liaison and Sustainment Engineering Support
  • Specialty Engineering and Subject Matter Experts
  • Technical Publications
  • FAA Authorized Organization Designation Authorization allowing Self-Approval of Supplemental Type Certificates and Parts Manufacturing Approvals
  • Subject Matter Experts in all aspects of aviation airworthiness and engineering disciplines
  • Certification planning, test, substantiation, analysis and evaluation
  • Training in Process and Expertise
  • Precision Machining and Sheet Metal Capability
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Avionics Installation and Integration Product Specialists
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Complex Systems Procurement and Assembly
  • Turnkey or A la carte services
  • ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100D certified
  • FAA and EASA Part 145 Repair Station (Class 4) for major aircraft maintenance and modifications
  • Integrate complex systems installations including external OML modifications and complete internal integration of the industry’s most advanced systems and technology
  • VIP and Specialty Interior Experts
  • Combined with Engineering and Certification for full design, installation/integration and approvals

Industry Experience

ALOFT’s industry-leading Auxiliary Fuel System increases the range of commercial derivative Air Force transport aircraft by up to 50%. The system is simple and elegant, requiring limited maintenance and minimal pilot interaction.
On behalf of a major U.S. Prime Contractor, ALOFT provides Certification and Airworthiness approval services to issue FAA STCs for a newly developed US Air Force commercial derivative helicopter.
On behalf of a major U.S. Prime Contractor, ALOFT provides a major sub-system and on-aircraft modification services for a missionized commercial derivative aircraft.
ALOFT’s well-renowned avionics racks and trays enable critical mission systems equipment to be integrated and installed.