PATS Auxiliary Fuel Systems for the B737NG

The benefits for commercial operators using the PATS Auxiliary Fuel System can be numerous. Some of the benefits are obvious and some are surprising and nuanced. The main purpose of auxiliary fuel is to gain additional range. While the PATS systems are modular for customized fuel volumes, the most extreme example of the range benefit occurs when a stock 737-800, outfit with an 8-tank PATS system can increase its range by 50%. Imagine the flexibility and opportunity afforded by taking an existing 737 in your fleet and enhancing it with the capability of flying hundreds of additional miles.
Besides the obvious range enhancement, airlines also get assistance with managing seasonal headwinds on marginal routes and insure they have adequate minimums for approach fuel. In particular, the PATS AFS enables more serious consideration and application of the 737 on the trans-Atlantic routes.
To learn more download the B737NG specs and whitepaper.