ODA Aircraft Model Listing

AirbusA318 Series/A319 Series/A320 Series/A321 SeriesA28NM
A330 All SeriesA46NM
AirbusA340 All SeriesA43NM
AirbusA350 All SeriesT00063IB
Airbus HelicopterAlouette series (CAR 6)H1IN
Airbus Helicopter
Gazelle seriesH6EU
Airbus Helicopter
EC130 all series (AS350)H9EU
Airbus Helicopter
MBB-BK 117 (aka Eurocopter EC 145)H13EU
Beechcraft Corporation200 Series, 300 Series, 1900 Series(Part 23)A24CE
Beechcraft Corporation
DH.125 series; HS.125 series;
BAe 125 series 800&1000; Hawker 800,1000, 800XP, 850XP, 900XP, 750
Bell Helicopter429R00003RD
Bell Helicopter210H1SW
The Boeing Co.727-100, -200 SeriesA3WE
The Boeing Co.737-300, -400, -500, -600, -700, 700C,-800, -900, 900ER Series,including 737-700IGWA16WE
The Boeing Co.
757 All SeriesA2NM
The Boeing Co.
767 All SeriesA1NM
The Boeing Co.
777 All SeriesT00001SE
The Boeing Co.
787 All SeriesT00021SE
The Boeing Co.
747 All SeriesA20NM
The Boeing Co.717-200MD-81, 82, 83, 87, 88, 90DC-9 all seriesA6WE
Bombardier Inc.CL-600-all seriesA21EA
Bombardier Inc.
DHC-8-100, -200, -300, -400 all seriesA13NM
Bombardier Inc.
BD-700-xx all seriesT00003NY
Bombardier Inc.
CS100 all seriesT00008NY
Carson Helicopters, Inc.SH-3HR00014lA
Dassault AviationMystere-Falcon 50Mystere-Falcon 900Falcon 900EXA46EU
Dassault Aviation
Falcon 2000 all seriesA50NM
Dassault Aviation
Falcon 7x all seriesA59NM
Embraer S.A.ERJ 170-100, -200 seriesA56NM
Embraer S.A.
ERJ 190-100, -200 seriesA57NM
Embraer S.A.
EMB-145xx/135xx all seriesT00011AT
Embraer S.A.
EMB-120xx all seriesA31SO
GulfstreamG-1159/ A/B, GIII, G-IV, GV, GV-SP,GIV-X all seriesA12EA
GVI all seriesT00015AT
Lockheed Martin382 (L-100 Hercules e.g. C-130E) all seriesA1SO
PilatusPC-12 series (Part 23)A78EU
Sikorsky Aircraft CoporationS-92 all seriesR00024BO
Sikorsky Aircraft Coporation
S-76 all seriesH1NE
Sikorsky Aircraft Coporation
S-61L, N, R, NM1H15

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