ALOFT AeroArchitects, formerly PATS Aircraft Systems, is a long standing VIP aircraft supplier with roots in specialty aviation component manufacturing. Dating back nearly 40 years with roots in complex engineering and certification of advanced aircraft systems, Aloft AeroArchitects has provided PATS Auxiliary Fuel Systems and other integrated systems and components to most aircraft OEMs and hundreds of aerospace customers. 

After decades of providing kits to the retrofit market, in the mid-nineties ALOFT AeroArchitects began to provide Boeing and Bombardier with PATS Auxiliary Fuel System kits that would become the “legs” of their factory-delivered, high end, large business jets. In 1998, ALOFT opened its facility in Georgetown, Delaware that includes a 7-hangar facility adjacent to the primary runway at Delaware Coastal Airport.

Not long after arriving in Delaware, ALOFT began to provide BBJ and other VIP aircraft customers with VIP aircraft maintenance, modification and luxury interior completion services. During the last 17 years, ALOFT has focused on supporting a demanding OEM and VIP customer base with components and services that elevate their aircraft operations and in-flight experience.

ALOFT AeroArchitects maintains an expert employee base of skilled workers and experienced management to support both manufacturing and hangar operation. Our core staff is capable of supporting 7 B737–size aircraft for maintenance, modifications and luxury interior completions. Over the years this staff has supported numerous VIP interior completion programs, dozens of aircraft maintenance and modification events and hundreds of auxiliary fuel system kits and installations. 

Our unique approach to personalized customer projects is supplemented by years of experience in supporting our VIP aircraft customers in the field with world-traveled and broadly trained interiors and PATS auxiliary fuel systems technicians.