PATS Aircraft Systems Rebrands, Modernizes Name to ALOFT AeroArchitects

Las Vegas, Nevada – PATS Aircraft Systems is pleased to announce that it is changing its name to ALOFT AeroArchitects. While the name will take effect on November 18, the transition process will occur during the balance of 2015.
The new company name is the result of a detailed Market Rebranding study, resulting in recommendations for PATS to best align its go-to-market branding with the reality of what’s happening in PATS’ business today and the strategic outlook for its future. The new name and branding ties together a heritage of highly innovative products and services, while also more accurately reflecting the company trajectory for the future. Certainly the term “ALOFT” speaks for itself in terms of PATS’ deep roots in aerospace, but also recognizes our delivered level of quality and customer service. Whether our customers are working with us on a VVIP interior completion project, purchasing single Hollingsead International avionics trays, or contracting for an STC certification project, they have lofty expectations for delivered value. It was important to reflect the high level of expectations and capability as the essence of our new brand. The term AeroArchitects, we believe, is a nuance in our industry that allows us to creatively and accurately convey exactly what we are all about. Each of our greater than 300 staff are experts at what they do and, collectively, creating the vision to advance our industry. We ask our employees to constantly reconsider the process and to seek a better way; to be an architect of the process, design, installation or any role they play in the success of the company. We believe the newly coined term, “AeroArchitects”, is emotive of just the type of “future-enabling” people we currently have and which we are adding in our journey to deliver products and services which are pioneering, exacting, collaborative and delivered with integrity.
ALOFT AeroArchitects will continue to deliver on the existing stable of products and services which PATS has delivered across several decades. Similar to the continuance of the long–recognized Hollingsead International product grouping, the PATS name will remain as a well-recognized product line for our industry-leading, extended-range, auxiliary fuel systems. In fact, we’re pleased to advance this heritage product through our recent selection by Boeing to become the supplier of the BBJ MAX auxiliary fuel system, which will create the most range-capable narrowbody airliner-based business jet in the industry. In addition to the existing line of applications for the 737NG, 757, 757 and CRJ200, ALOFT is also working with several fuel system partners in Europe and Asia to develop solutions to extend the range of their aircraft products.
The ALOFT AeroArchitects hangar services business will continue to service the Boeing Business Jet operator community. ALOFT currently has three VVIP interior completions in process at varying stages, including two BBJ2 and one BBJ aircraft. ALOFT will continue to partner with new BBJ buyers to perform this service, and to expand upon its leading experience of 26 narrow-body interiors completed! ALOFT will also continue to provide complete levels of aircraft maintenance for all aircraft, and increase its focus on innovative solutions for interior and systems modifications which reduces downtime for such enhancements while increasing the capabilities of the aircraft systems to keep up with the rapidly evolving technologies for connectivity and regulatory requirements such as ADS-B and FANS.
In addition to the PATS auxiliary fuel systems and VVIP interior completions capability which has become widely known in the business aircraft industry, ALOFT will increase focus on other products and services which are servicing the larger aerospace market and growing at significant rates. ALOFT is the home of the Hollingsead International avionics equipment product line which includes everything from fully-provisioned, turnkey equipment racks to ARINC avionics trays to hold-downs and extractors. These products are delivered to aircraft OEMs in large quantities to support the installation of the tremendous quantities of equipment installations across the highest-ever volumes of commercial aircraft deliveries. As a heritage product, the Hollingsead International line continues to evolve and adapt with our most recent example being the development of a new avionics extractor which is as capable as the predecessors while being lighter and less expensive.
Maybe most interestingly, ALOFT AeroArchitects’ Engineering, Certification and ODA Services are building a strong backlog of business with a reputation for delivering a unique and distinct value to our partners across all facets of the industry, pushing the innovation envelope and utilizing ALOFT’s skilled team to enable design, certification planning and FAA approvals under our long-standing ODA designation. In the fourth quarter of 2015 alone, the ALOFT ODA has 38 STC projects in work, many of which are for third-party customers. In the last year we’ve expanded our ODA capabilities listing to include nearly all modern commercial and most business aircraft, added both amendments Part 27 and Part 29 helicopter capability, received approval from the FAA to approve ICAs internally and ‘minor’ STCs within our ODA, on behalf of the FAA. This unit is supporting equipment manufacturers, OEMs and operators in pursuing integration design and STC approvals of new products for airline, bizav, and military use. Our interactive, teaming approach in this market is resounding with the clientele, and the significant commercial aircraft quantities entering operation are providing many opportunities for ALOFT AeroArchitects to help design the future of aviation. We invite visitors to our newly re-branded booth (C7037) at NBAA, to stop by and chat about some of our recent STC approvals for products like SATCOM antennas, self-protection systems and more.
ALOFT AeroArchitects President and CEO, John Martin, remarks, “It’s an exciting opportunity for us….to create a new identity that both maintains the essence of what PATS has achieved in the last 40+ years, while providing focus on the newer growth sections of our business. We have made great efforts to pay homage to a heritage of innovative products, an entrepreneurial spirit and customer support which we’ve nurtured in recent years as PATS Aircraft Systems. Our new identity, as ALOFT AeroArchitects, serves as the basis for a renewed focus on a pioneering approach to our opportunities, an exacting execution of our core strengths, and a collaborative approach with our customers and partners, all of which is delivered by world-class employees with passion and integrity.”
ALOFT AeroArchitects’ campus is located at the newly renamed Delaware Coastal Airport and includes its FAA Part 145 Repair Station, STC & PMA ODA and aircraft systems manufacturing. ALOFT is a Boeing authorized BBJ Service Center focused on accommodating aircraft for interior completions, maintenance, modifications and auxiliary fuel tank installations. ALOFT’s manufacturing team, and its ODA and Engineering Services are also available to support design and certification requirements for each in-house project or additional project work on behalf of our global customers.