Hold Downs/Extractors

Hold Down, Insertion/Extractor, Light Duty (#2450)


Hold Down, Insertion/Extractor, BACC10HZ2 Boeing approved. Hollingsead has developed an innovative line of lightweight hold downs that are up to 20% lighter than standard hold downs. All Hollingsead hold downs are designed and fabricated using top quality aerospace grade material that meet or exceed all applicable ARINC standards and all civil and military aircraft criteria. Our special lightweight designs stand up to the most vigorous environment hazards for in-flight and on the ground operations. Each hold down is fully warrantied, ensuring that your avionics systems equipment will fit securely and operate safely. The hold downs are engineered so customers can select the right product from off-the-shelf designs or customize a solution that best fits their requirements. To view product specification to determine your product selection download the PDF to the right. To make your product selection use the dropdown fields above and complete the "Request A Quote" form.

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